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Episode 1614: Depths Perception


If terrain is difficult or likely to lead to accidents, make sure to drop appropriate hints to your players, using words like "slippery", "treacherous", "unstable", "precarious", and "razor-sharp pinnacles of rock litter the landscape like so many shards of window glass".

Then make sure to give them plenty of saving throws when they inevitably overlook the hints and proceed to attempt acrobatic manoeuvres that would make Nadia Comăneci pale in horror.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

When you are sending your troops out to patrol the mountainside around your base, do you send them out in singletons? Do you send them out in pairs so they can support each other? Would it make more sense to send them out in triads, for the increased flexibility, or would the increased cost in manpower to be too much at that point?

If it's raining, and you're on a mountainside, do you maintain your normal strategy of sending out singletons?

Clearly, the answer is that you have your TiVo recording this to make sure you have a proper supply of entertainment for the next couple of months. Nothing else makes any sense here.

But it's very very fortunate for Bria that the clone trooper lets go of his blaster. Still, if this was such an effective way to get one blaster, and there's 99 more troops on the hillside, then this clearly must be a way to get a full 100 blasters. After all, they need weapons for their ship, and how else to buy the weapons except to trade blasters for them?

bbbbbbbbhyj (Sorry, that line is from my cat.)

— Keybounce

I have a feeling the GM really wanted Jim to fumble that roll.

It looks like he made Cassian see it just so that someone could get in there and stop Jim before he gets himself killed again. How nice for a GM to be looking out for his players like that.

Meanwhile a blind-ish monk is now going to scale the wet and slippery terrain in enemy territory. This is the kind of thing that either goes terribly, terribly wrong or terribly, terribly right.

Both can be equally entertaining, but for the sake of awesome monk fighting, I'm hoping for "right".

— aurilee


GM: Bria, you reach the edge of the rain-slicked landing platform.
Bria: Great! I scramble up onto it.
GM: Without looking first? An armed trooper watches bemusedly as you appear.
Bria: Armed? What weapon does he have?
GM: A heavy blaster.
Bria: I grab it and pull him over the edge! 15!
GM: Uh... <roll>...
GM: He slips and plummets to his doom, releasing the gun just before dragging you over as well.
Bria: Yes!
GM: Cassian, you see Bria do this.
Cassian: {into radio} Chirrut! She's on the landing platform.
Chirrut: Doing something stupid?
Cassian: Wow, your senses are truly uncanny. You don't even need eyes to know what's happening.

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Published: Thursday, 15 February, 2018; 02:11:01 PST.
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