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Episode 1607: Shotgun Mike


Actual conversation during writing of this strip:

"How can you tell someone's self-important looking?"
"He's striding. And wearing a cape."
"Ah, fair enough. Let's move on."

Just remember, as a GM you can justify any sort of description with visual cues.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

Besides, Cassian is not the type to carry a big gun.

In the first panel I was actually shocked that Cassian even had such a huge gun since he's a pacifist, including in self-defense apparently.

I do find it a little odd that the Empire allows random civilians to have such big guns. You'd think that would make it easier for the Rebels to be armed to the teeth and that's something the Empire would want to prevent. Then again, this is not the best run Empire in the universe... the weapons instructor at the Stormtrooper academy clearly needs to be fired, lack of guardrails ensures that they are constantly looking for replacement Troopers and they have an engineer obsessed with legged vehicles with obvious design flaws. I suppose it's not a surprise that they thought to outlaw surveillance devices, but not civilian ownership of high-powered firearms.

— aurilee

"A self-important looking man walks out". What a description. What does a self-important looking man look like?

I once played a roleplaying game where the local law was, we were told, no concealed weapons. So we carried our weapons out proudly and exposed. Turns out, that was exactly what we were supposed to do. (We knew our GM). Here we have the exact same thing: citizens carrying weapons are okay, but a microphone is not. Only the government can spy on you.

I love the green tint in the binoculars. The heavy blue shade of the night sky, the night scenes, is much too strong.

That bottom left screencap, the person's face looks a little dorky. I wonder what this scene looks like in the movie (please don't tell me, I will see it). But as an out-of-context frame, as a one off moment of silliness, having this be the look of Bria's dad is just perfect.

— Keybounce


GM: You approach a rock pinnacle with a view of the Imperial facility.
Cassian: I'll have a look with my binoculars.
GM: A group on the landing platform meets an Imperial shuttle. A self-important looking man walks out.
Cassian: Is that Krennic? {hands Bodhi binoculars}
Bodhi: Let me see...
Bodhi: Yep, that's him. Ooh, and there's Galen Erso.
Cassian: Bria's dad? Hmm.
Cassian: I point the parabolic microphone at them.
Bodhi: I thought that was a gun.
Cassian: Surveillance gear is type 1 contraband.
Cassian: To avoid Imperial entanglements we have to disguise it as a heavy weapon.

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Published: Tuesday, 30 January, 2018; 02:11:02 PST.
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