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Episode 1605: Everyone's a Krennic


If you're looking for someone, and you're not sure who they are, beware of the I am Spartacus trick. Any GM worth their salt would love to play this on an unsuspecting group of players.

Better yet, look for opportunities to use it in your group of PCs, and boggle your GM.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

Annie is still showing her novice colours it seems. Everyone knows PC plans can't be straightforward and logical!

The main reason for that is usually some sort of loot or XP maximisation scheme:

PC1: "On the way to the citadel we'll stop by that warehouse, lockpick every container in there and take everything that looks valuable."
PC2: "But how will we carry it?"
PC3: "I know a guy with a horse!"
PC1: "Great, new plan - we'll split into two teams after the warehouse, one goes on ahead, one waits for the guy with the horse."
PC2: "But if we start attacking the base, the alarms will sound and they won't be able to just stand around at the warehouse."
PC1: "Ok then, we'll have to work out long-range communication, make sure timing is absolutely perfect..."
PC4: "Oh, but after this we'll never really be able to come back to this area again and I still wanted to check out that old tower..."
PC3: "If you take the horse and hire some mercenaries you should be able to go there, check it out, and meet us back at the main gates to make our getaway!"
PC2: "But we only have one horse."
PC4: "I think I might be able to get a spell to create a simulacrum of the horse, but I'll need a couple of things..."

Annie's problem is that she's too focused on her character and the story. I'm sure Jim will explain it to her soon.

— aurilee

Oh great. One of these days I'll get a plot twist correct. In the meantime:

Bodhi is in Alpha squad. This cannot end well. This is the guy who's on the other side, that has destroyed zero of their ships, and is most likely to betray the stealth squad when they most need it.

On the other hand, this means Bria won't die. If she dies, there won't be anyone to replace her. She has managed to acquire plot immunity, and can proceed to destroy the enemy base.

And steal the ship they need to get off.

Meanwhile, does this plan actually makes sense?

They have one squad that will not be stealthy. They have another squad set up to be betrayed. Their only way off this rock has been destroyed, and their only way to get off the rock is basically to trigger alarms, warnings, make sure everyone knows that they're here, and be tailed to whatever location they go to next.

Ahh, I see. This is where the Empire learns the trick of allowing them to pretend to get away to track where they are going. This is where the Empire will learn how to follow the Rebels to their base in Episode IV.

Yes, these are good Rebels. They're training the Empire in how to defeat the Rebellion. Carry on.

— Keybounce


Cassian: I'm going to scout the base. Bodhi, how will I recognise this Commander Krennic?
Bodhi: He's the self-important guy blaming everyone else for his screw-ups.
Cassian: That sounds like the whole Empire.
Bodhi: <sigh> Why don't I just come with you?
Cassian: All right, welcome to Alpha Squad.
K-2SO: Why does he get to be in Alpha Squad?
Cassian: He may be on the other side, but so far he's destroyed zero of our ships.
Bria: What about me and Chirrut?
Cassian: Be ready to go on my command.
Chirrut: I don't understand.
Cassian: The order?
Chirrut: No, this plan. It makes too much sense.

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Published: Thursday, 25 January, 2018; 02:18:28 PST.
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