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Episode 1566: Rebel-Raising


Players can come up with backstory for their characters in a few different ways:

For a true roleplaying experience, we recommend a mixture of all three.

I think a key factor when choosing which character Jim will play is how goofy their face can get.

Going back to the plot here... if Kyle is Bria's adoptive father, how much does she really know about her real father? She was going on before about all the stuff he did and why she's angry at him, but if she spent a significant portion of her childhood being raised by someone else, perhaps she has a somewhat twisted understanding of events?

I am also increasingly intrigued about these crystals. The most notable crystals I can think of from the Star Wars lore are lightsab... sorry, laser sword crystals, but that seems like an odd thing to be transporting and stealing in a post-Jedi world. Maybe the someone found some other use for the crystals, in a more controllable weapon...

— aurilee

Using my Web Comic Awareness, I reach up over the blue and red bars, to where aurilee is saying "Jabba", and knock her out. Die roll ... a 2? ... That's the kind of roll that has giant explosions and concrete lairs burning down.

Comic Thoughts:

Oh ... gawd.

Daddy-Daughter issues.

... And he's going to get them both killed?

Still, it explains how Bria knows Jabba's number 2. "He's my dad. I can't stand him. But he's family, and we're both in 'The Family', so we're stuck with each other".

We are about to find out what storyline the Comic Irregulars decided to go with for the Crystals.

Just as long as they are not something silly, like zerg chrysalis crystals :-)

— Keybounce


Kyle: Bria! Good to see you again.
Cassian: Jim, tell us how you know Bria.
GM: Mmm. Yes, more backstory. Please do.
Kyle: {voice-over on flashbacks to scenes of young Bria} "Uh... I rescued her when she was a child?"
Kyle: {inside flashback} Hello, child. Do you need rescuing?
Kyle: {voice-over} "And... raised her as my own daughter."
Kyle: {voice-over} "Until... she ran away from home!"
{end flashback}
Bria: Uh, yeah... Well you did raise me to be a bit of a rebel.
Kyle: Ha ha! That's my girl!
Kyle: Also, you're never going to believe all the awesome stuff about those crystals!
GM: Uh, Jim. Here.
Kyle: And I'll tell you all about it as soon as I read this note.

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Published: Thursday, 26 October, 2017; 03:11:01 PDT.
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