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Episode 1563: Journey to the West


This GM is such a scenery porn person. Look at all that descriptive text. Doesn't even let his players get more than a line or two.

Still, it's a very lovely description. Feels almost like you can actually see it. :-)

— Keybounce

That is one nice shot.

I'm torn between Cassian being snarky, or just... well, just continuing to be rather useless.

Here's hoping Cassian finds something to pilot soon.

— aurilee


{long shot of mercenaries leading the party across the desert to the Catacombs of Cadera}
GM: The bustle of the city fades away and the stifling heat of the desert floor engulfs you.
Cassian: So can you and Baze triangulate the desert floor from here?
Chirrut: It's down. Pretty sure.

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Published: Thursday, 19 October, 2017; 04:05:42 PDT.
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