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Episode 1557: Opportunity Knocks Seven Times


When you think about it, emulating classic cartoon characters in a fight is not a bad idea. After all, they never die, they don't bleed, and they always come back in the next scene fighting fit and good as new! If you can get away with fast talking your GM into letting you have "cartoon character fighting style" as an advantage, go for it, we say.

It's really hard to say anything more than #470. Except, maybe, if this monk is purely reactive, can you defeat him by doing nothing?

Of course, this monk might be the movie's hidden Jedi. I really think so. Does this mean someone will "Kill the Je-di"?

Oh, and as mentioned in the forums: I can now say that this weapon is the Buckina Quarterstaff.

(That is my headcannon for the official name. Don't contradict me please. :-) )

— Keybounce

Good thing he brought his buck-and-a-quarter quarterstaff!

I believe in a previous annotation I referred to it as a katana/sword. Looking back I really don't know why, it's pretty clearly a staff. Plus, a staff is much more of a monk weapon than anything with a blade.

Is the "anything that breathes" actually part of his "min"? If so, that renders him pretty useless against droids. That effectively makes him the opposite of the Stormtroopers.

I do hope K-2 jumps in soon. They'll have the entire marketplace cleared out in no time!

— aurilee


{Chirrut fights the troopers}
Chirrut: Ho! Ha ha! 7!
[SFX]: whack!
Chirrut: Guard! Turn! 14!
[SFX]: whack!
[SFX]: whack!
Chirrut: Parry! Dodge! 11!
[SFX]: whack!
Chirrut: Spin! Ha! 19!
[SFX]: whack!
[SFX]: Pow!
Chirrut: Thrust! 10!
[SFX]: whack!
K-2SO: I'll join in the fight!
GM: You need to wait for the second combat round.
GM: This is all happening during the troopers' turn.
Chirrut: I have a Reach Weapon, Extended Reach, Extended Extended Reach, Heightened Sense, and Unlimited Attacks of Opportunity.
[SFX]: whack!
[SFX]: whack!
Chirrut: I can hit anything that breathes within 10 metres.
Chirrut: Oh yeah...

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Published: Thursday, 05 October, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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