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Episode 1555: Walk Slowly and Carry a Big Stick


If you're going to bluff your way out of a tricky situation, you may as well go all the way and fish for useful information. And ask for additional resources too. Generous GMs will grant "sheer brazen-ness" bonuses to your Bluff rolls!

(GMs: and by "bonuses" we mean "penalties".)

Ha! The Defense Lawyer uses his (not yet known) real-world skills. "If I move, I'll be jaywalking again".

OK, so a combat droid brings in two loose prisoners, without any cuffs, without any blaster, and doesn't remember the name of the commander. Do you trust him? Sure, why not.


I cannot tell who is less competent here, the heroes who walked a few streets into Imperial troops that were not even trying to hide, or the troops that just trust an unbelievable story without any verification. Or that a blind monk, with a sword out, walks into this fray, and isn't shot. Carrying a weapon, and doesn't put it down.


Carrying a knife to a gun-fight. And not shot. In a war zone. We have a winner for incompetence. I cannot take this movie seriously any more. I'm wondering who the hidden Jedi is now.

Hidden Jedi? Sure. What story can you tell in the Star Wars universe that you cannot tell anywhere else? Jedi. What did everyone want to play in the MMO? Jedi. I mean, if you have no Jedi at all? What are these rogues going to do, form a squad?

(My money is on Bria being a Jedi in hiding. She is the NPC after all.)

Ohh: What is that "red light" that looks like an upside down traffic light on the monk's robe? I figure we'll find out in a strip or two.

Ohh #2: This is a blind monk, right? I can buy a blind monk doing OK in close range (hearing the people around), but at this distance? This is Toph-level awareness. He's not going to move earth, is he? (He's using metal, so ...)

— Keybounce

And Pete makes his grand entrance!

This is one smart aleck, overly-literal blind monk. Which really just adds to the awesomeness that is a blind monk.

Practical question: is that a vibrosword/blade? A regular katana or other sword would be pretty useless when it comes to blaster fire. I don't believe Darths & Droids has established vibroswords yet, so I am looking forward to Pete's explanation of those. And the upcoming action scene where I'm sure we'll all be told about how perfect Pete's build is.

— aurilee


K-2SO: They were spying on the operation. I'm going to turn them in to Commander... um...
Clone Trooper 1: Krennic?
K-2SO: Krennic, yes!
Clone Trooper 1: Why would you take them all the way to Krennic? He's not even in the system.
K-2SO: Well, I better get going, then. By the way, you don't have a spare blaster do you? I seem to have lost mine in the ambush.
Clone Trooper 1: We're not carrying any spares, but wait a sec and I'll call in another squad.
Clone Trooper 1: Oh, cuff this droid's prisoners for him. Looks like he lost those too.
Clone Trooper 2: Yes, sir!
Chirrut: Sounds like it's time for me to act.
Chirrut: I walk right into the middle of the square.
Clone Trooper 3: Hey, you! No jaywalking! That's very dangerous.
Chirrut: Okay. {stops walking}
Clone Trooper 3: Now move along, we're busy here.
Chirrut: Ah, you almost got me! If I move I'll be jaywalking again.
Cassian: Are you rules lawyering in-character now too?

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Published: Sunday, 01 October, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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