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Episode 1541: Anticlimactical Retreat


I am laughing very hard at the punchline of this one. It is just so perfect; give your players all the rope they need, and let them write their own hanging. (Warning, from someone that has both done this, and seen it done: make sure you have a way for them to avoid being hanged. I think we saw this in Episode I, where the players commented that if they did not get away with this than the entire campaign was over.)

This is the time when the players realize, they have to go back and talk to the people they just insulted.

I'm really wondering what happened at this point in the movie. Please don't tell me.

— Keybounce

Mhm. Yep.

Maybe Cassian should have tried to be a little more helpful, and less "let's just run away".

I mean, presumably there are a lot more of Jabba's men about, but knowing which ones to approach is going to be hard. Not to mention the fact that I have never seen the "let's walk around asking about a crime boss" method work all too well.

Well, ok, it can work. But usually in a way that you finally get to talk to said crime boss while tied up in a small, windowless room whilst blindfolded.

Of course any player will tell you that was all part of their plan.

No PC has ever been unwillingly captured, ever. Because clearly there is absolutely no better way to ever get into an enemy stronghold.

— aurilee


Cassian: It's been... uh... well, we met you. And now, since we can't unmeet you, we're going to walk away. Right, Bria?
Bria: If you say so.
Ponda Baba: See those lily-livered fools, walkin' away?
Doctor Evazan: Why did the two chickens cross the road?
Ponda Baba: To keep their limbs attached to their bodies, is what I'm thinkin'.
{they walk away}
Cassian: Phew. I'm glad we got out of that unscathed.
Cassian: So... what now?
Bria: We still need to find Jabba's contacts.
Cassian: Well those two mentioned Jabba. Maybe they know—
Cassian: Oh!!
Cassian: Ohhh... crap.

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Published: Tuesday, 29 August, 2017; 03:11:01 PDT.
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