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<     Episode 1539: Doctor Who-Are-You-Lookin'-At?     >

Episode 1539: Doctor Who-Are-You-Lookin'-At?


What we have here is a wall of GM text. An info dump. We are getting the campaign info at this point.

Notice that aside from one line near the top, the entire page is the GM talking to himself in different voices. Bria makes it clear that she knows this guy, he's acknowledging that he changed his name, and as far as she is concerned, her father is horrible.

Whoever Bria's father is, helping him was a horrible thing. Dr. Evazan is a lowlife maggot, or perhaps a doctor of lowlife maggotry.

We can imagine all the evil doctors from the tropes, with all of their strange experiments, all of the things that they do to people, sometimes leaving them with a fate worse than death; which actually implies that maybe Bria's father isn't horrible, it's just that he did horrible things in the name of "helping" him.

Looking at #1538 and #1539 side-by-side, it really looks like Ponda is trying to hold the doctor back, like in the movie the doctor was the far more aggressive of the two. Yet the dialogue in the comic here makes it clear that Ponda is the more aggressive of the two.

I cannot help but think that these two are going to be the way into Jabba's empire; either the doctor is working for Jabba, or has contacts with Jabba.

Oh, this annotation was horrible for the spellchecker. Auto company wrecks.

— Keybounce

Doctor Evazan of lowlife maggotry?

Now that sounds like the kind of NPC you need on your side when venturing into a hive of scum and villainy.

Be nice to him Bria. His friend likes you, that's a good first step.

Which, by the way, is all around good advice when walking through a sketchy area. If you do have business there (as opposed to just walking through), it's important to get in with the locals (but not naively so). Chances are, you'll find someone who can be helpful in maybe pointing out a person or building to avoid and if you're lucky, they'll help you out if you get into a tussle.

And sometimes, getting "in" with them involves getting in their face like Bria and earning respect. Shuffling along like Cassian here is not going to get you very far.

And I am totally not speaking from experience.

— aurilee

That looks like some good roleplaying advice from aurilee!

Well, some roleplaying advice, anyway. ;-)


Cassian: Look, uh... don't mind Bria. She has a vivid imagination and... well, with your rogueish charms she must have mistaken you for someone else.
Doctor Evazan: Hear that, Ponda? He's calling us ugly!
Bria: There's no mistaking that face.
Ponda Baba: You know, I'm beginnin' to like her.
Bria: This lowlife maggot, Montoja here—
Doctor Evazan: Hey, hey, stop calling me that!
Bria: You are a lowlife maggot!
Doctor Evazan: No, no, I'm good with that. But the name's Evazan now. Doctor Evazan.
Ponda Baba: Yeah, doctor of lowlife maggotry to you!

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Published: Thursday, 24 August, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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