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Episode 1534: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Destroyer


K-2S0 is channelling HK quite a bit it seems. I'm going to enjoy this.

On to the cast:

Presumably Jim is the guy with the beard, given his comment about Kyle Katarn. Don't know how long guy-with-beard will last, but I'm guessing it won't be much past the first session.

That girl there looks to be Bria. She's an NPC so it'd make sense for her not to be on the main "team"...

I'm fairly certain Pete is the other guy since he wants that Star Destroyer. I'm waiting with bated breath to see whether he has sacrificed any limbs, has bad breath, or possibly bad fashion sense.

So that's the cast sorted out... although I have no idea how they'll all get together. Maybe the other guys work for Jabba too? Or the ship crashes (because Annie's driving so anything could happen) and they help out?

— aurilee

So lets see who we have (should have started this last strip).

Leia/Annie is now playing Cassian. He's a rogue pilot, and this is a highly complicated character development player. So, "Why is he a rogue? What does he really want? What would make him change his loyalty?" will be questions to ask about her character.

C-3P0/Sally is playing another droid, K-2SO. This is a combat droid, who went rogue and "defected" to the rebellion. But ... can you trust a droid that claims to have defected? What if there's some programming—it might not even be aware of it—that makes it switch back to the Empire? (This plotline actually came up in ... one of the spin-offs on Disney, I forgot which one).

Bria Tharen seems to be an NPC, and his second is Kyle Katarn. We already know that this is Jim's character-of-the-session. We see this person's picture (Err, correction: We see a picture (panel 1) that is probably Kyle.).

And, we have two more pictures: an unnamed female, and someone that looks like a cross between Data and ... Not really sure who. (One would be Bria, being escorted; the other would be Pete?)

Sally, Jim, Annie: That leaves Pete as the player who's character has yet to be introduced. And, since Jim claimed that they were his (Kyle's) minions, and Pete (R2) claimed they were Jabba's, lets see what's going on here.

They are going to meet Jabba to buy weapons. "Bria knows his second in command, Kyle Katarn": "his" is badly defined here. On first read, I thought this was Bria's second in command. Making up this list of characters, and understanding the start-of-campaign setting (NB: This is the first time there is no opening scroll to give you the story background) makes me realize that Kyle might be Jabba's second. Which would explain why Kyle said they were his minions, and Pete said "Technically, Jabba's". It would also mean that "Bria" might be the unnamed female (panel 3) who says that there's a star destroyer.

So, lets get to the elephant in the room. A star destroyer. Hovering over the city.

Hovering. Star Destroyer.

With any reasonable physical engine, the downward thrust would be enough to destroy that city. So let's figure out what's going on here.

Someone in the forums mentioned a character in the Episode I cast page. This is a person on Tatooine, who is canonically in this campaign's history.

Dib Foundway is a spice farmer from Kessel, who spent his last credit to come to Tatooine seeking a new start. But then he gets caught up in Jabba the Hutt's criminal machinations—the backpack contains a new variety of spice he grew himself—and eventually winds up murdered in Mos Eisley by the father of Hojon Intigua, the cantina owner in Episode IV.

So, we have:

  1. Tatooine, a desert planet.
  2. A random encounter table that makes it clear that giant sand worms exist on this planet.
  3. A special "spice" being used by the local crime lord.
  4. A new ship drive being tested that seems to violate all laws of physics.
  5. That local crime lord becoming powerful enough to be a Galactic power.

Until such time as something contradictory shows up in the comic, this shall be my new head canon. More to the point, the outcome of the whole rigged podrace:

  1. Shmi's mob faction has been without a leader since her death to Anakin, and probably earlier if she went into hiding from him.
  2. The peaceful Sand People became weapon traders. Jabba has now taken over that business from them.
  3. Jabba's old business was badly damaged by the podrace (Episode IV cast page, large loss of money), and now he's back, this time with something better.

We have a canonical "infinite power source" (the Lost Orb). We now have highly suggestive "infinite possibility generation" (the spice of the desert planet Tatooine). We have a canonical space ship with a strange, physics defying anti-gravity system.

We are crossing Dune with Star Wars. If we find some highly skilled fantasic fighters in this episode, I'll call it myth confirmed :-).


Elephant number 2: There are PC speech bubbles from 5 different characters.

Jim, Pete, Annie, Sally. Corey and Ben are not here.

Who is the 5th player?

UPDATE: DMM pointed out to me that I needed to pay a little closer attention to the speech bubble colors. I was writing at night, and my monitor adjusts for a night-time redshift, so I did miss something important.

The female in panel 3 has GM coloring. So this is an escort mission, and that is almost certainly Bria. Being an escort mission, will this Bria wander "at random" into trouble, and our heroes have to save her from certain doom?

So, with the P3 female being NPC Bria, that means the other images are definite: P1's insert would be Kyle/Jim, and P3's right insert being Pete's not-yet-named character.

Bria's background color has a very slight reddish tint to it. Almost pink, sort-of rouge-colored. Not rogue-colored, rouge :-)

— Keybounce


GM: Their mission was...
GM: {flashback} ... is to escort Bria Tharen to Jedha City on the Danuta Plateau and meet up with Jabba the Hutt to buy weapons for the Rebellion. Bria knows his second in command, Kyle Katarn.
Kyle: {flashback} Ooh, he sounds awesome.
Cassian: {flashback} You know, K, this mission is very important for the Rebellion. We can save a lot of lives here.
K-2SO: {flashback} I can't wait to get in there and start shooting people. Or droids. I don't really care, I'm a combat droid. I just like combat.
Bria: {flashback} Hey guys, there's a star destroyer hovering over the city.
Chirrut: {flashback} Star destroyer? That sounds promising. How big is one of those, exactly?
GM: {flashback} Um, about as big as the city.
Chirrut: {flashback} How big's the city?
GM: {flashback} ... I'll make a model for next time.

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Published: Sunday, 13 August, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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