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Episode 1525: Special Delivery


Here's how the birth of Luke and Leia could have gone in Revelation of the Sith.


GM: Okay, roll for childbirth.
Padmé: What do I need to roll?
GM: It's a high tech society, with robo-delivery droids. Save versus Medical Complications at +8.
Anakin: I can't believe you've reduced childbirth to a single dice roll.
GM: How would you do it, Annie?
Anakin: Well, for a start, you've skipped most of the contractions. That's up to twenty-four hours of real time. You can't just ignore that.
GM: You think we should roll for contractions?
Anakin: There are Pain rolls, right? You're talking to the guy lying on lava.
GM: And what happens on failure?
Anakin: Um, the pain meds need a top-up, I guess?
GM: So... there's no actual game play involved? I think we'll skip that part in the interests of brevity.
Anakin: Yet we spent five hours on a pod race which took twenty minutes in-game...
GM: Look, just roll 3d6 for childbirth. You'll succeed on anything but a crit fail.
Padmé: Huh. 3.
Anakin: That's some first contraction.
Padmé: Where's my epidural?!!

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Published: Tuesday, 04 July, 2017; 03:11:04 PDT.
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