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Episode 1521: The Thin End of the Wedge


Maybe Luke wasn't so wrong after all...


Luke: Wedge, I need to apologise for how I've been treating you.
Wedge: {shape of an Ewoc} Thanks, Luke!
Luke: Wedge?
Wedge: {shape of an Ewoc} Yeah, over here, good buddy!
Luke: Well who's this guy?
Syal: {looks like Wedge} I'm his identical twin.
Luke: Wedge has a twin brother?
Syal: {looks like Wedge} No, I'm his sister.
Luke: Wedge, I never trusted you, because you were a shapeshifter. And this is why.
Wedge: {shape of Leia} I can be anything you want, Luke! Remember that kiss on Hoth?
Luke: Nooooooooo!!!

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Published: Sunday, 11 June, 2017; 03:11:03 PDT.
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