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Episode 1516: The Great All-Rounder


Perhaps surprisingly, the study of economics and contracts can be of enormous value within a gaming context. After all, when it really comes down to it, what's more important: knowing where to hit an orc, or knowing how to maximise your loot?


Chewbacca: Nice work, Wedge. Professionally done.
Wedge: Oh, all I did was find out they were building a second Peace Moon, recover the plans, and then blow it up. You guys did all the rest.
Wicket: No need to thank me. But our bill's in the mail.
R2-D2: The agreement was for you to get 35% of the nett seized Imperial assets. We blew them all up. And we're down the cost of the explosives, so the nett is negative. So you owe us.
[SFX]: < fobuzz-foo polililip-jing doing pok-pow-boowhree-boodle poppity boo-boo pok-boo squee whiddle bedoop >
Wicket: Oooooh...
Unidentified Ewoc: Aaaaah...
Leia: Spoken like a true lawyer.
R2-D2: Hey!
Leia: What?
Leia: Wait. You're not actually... No. No way.
R2-D2: Criminal defence.
Leia: Seriously?
Chewbacca: You know he's good at contorting complicated sets of rules to achieve the most favourable outcome.
Leia: Yeah, but for the benefit of others?

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Published: Tuesday, 30 May, 2017; 03:11:03 PDT.
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