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Episode 1513: Family Lore


It's good to have family. Make sure characters in your games have family ties that they can lean on, to give them a sense of fitting into the campaign world, to give them helpful connections, to give them emotional and financial support when they need it. And to give them bloodline vulnerabilities that can be exploited to good effect by enemies...


Luke: Princess, congratulations on your marriage.
Leia: Thanks, Luke.
Leia: After all that's happened, you should take it easy. You deserve some peace.
Luke: How can I do that when I know Anakin may be out there somewhere, waiting to possess me again? Or you even?
Leia: Me?! Do you think he could do that?
Luke: He's your father too. The Force runs strong in our family.
Leia: Hmm... do you...
Leia: What if Han and I start a family?
Han: Awesome! I'll get Force powers too!

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Published: Tuesday, 23 May, 2017; 03:11:04 PDT.
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