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<     Episode 1472: Thirty Seconds to End. Or...     >

Episode 1472: Thirty Seconds to End. Or...


Be careful setting explosive timers so that everyone in the party knows how much time they have. Especially if you've taken any lessons from James Bond in Goldeneye.


Han: We ambush them when they come out.
Trooper 1: That's a lot of pizza delivery guys.
Trooper 2: Bags the pepperoni!
GM: Your trick works by the grace of having dozens of combat-hardened Ewocs on your side.
Leia: Right, back to the plan.
Han: Great! I'll finish placing these explosives. Chewie, gimme a hand.
Chewbacca: We should be careful.
Han: What could possibly go wrong while placing explosive charges in an enemy base?
Han: 30 seconds is long enough, right?
Chewbacca: Long enough to find a ship and take off? I'm not entirely sure about that.
Han: Find a ship?
Leia: You know, our actual plan.
Chewbacca: Tell me you didn't start the timer.
Han: RUN!!

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Published: Thursday, 16 February, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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