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Episode 1440: The Dark Side of the Peace Moon


There's a long tradition of using targeting beams or other methods of seeing more clearly the interaction between where you're shooting and where you want to shoot. Tracer ammunition is the traditional approach with guns, in which some of the bullets or shells have pyrotechnics in them to make their trajectory visible. This allows the shooter to correct their aim.

You could even adopt a similar approach in a pseudo-medieval or even earlier setting, with some sort of "tracer arrows". Or in magical settings there might even be tracer spells!


Darth Vader: Fire the weapon at the Rebel ships.
Moff Jerrod: F-finally, we can see what this power source of y-yours is capable of.
Moff Jerrod: Initialise f-firing sequence as planned!
Imperial Officer: Yes, Moff Jerjerrod.
[SFX]: klik...
[SFX]: whoorp...
[SFX]: whooorp...
[SFX]: whoooorp...
[SFX]: zzzzzzzzzzttt!!
[SFX]: KA-
Imperial Officer: Targeting beam deployed, sir.
Moff Jerrod: Hmmm. You seem to have lost our t-target.

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Published: Sunday, 04 December, 2016; 02:11:02 PST.
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