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Episode 1426: Fort Off


It's not all that unusual for heroes to receive battle reports from their troops.

It is somewhat unusual for the heroes to receive them from the enemy troops. But that's okay - and probably means you should give it a try at some point.


GM: The Imperials march you out of the Temple of Dome.
GM: Your battalion on guard outside has been captured too.
Leia: Some guards they were.
Leia: So, are the Imperials going to execute us?
Chewbacca: Not without an unfair trial first, surely. That just wouldn't be proper.
Han: Where did these guys come from? I thought they were all attacking our fort.
Clone Trooper: Yeah, we were. They sent us, the best troops in the system, since fortifications of that scale clearly protected an important strategic location.
Clone Trooper: Six of our strongest platoons were poised to obliterate them, when their leader stood up behind a battlement and gave an hour-long speech, rousing the defenders to a frenzy.
Clone Trooper: No matter how many times we charged, they kept beating us back. Each of their defenders this day was worth a hundred men. We remnants who survived their fury retreated here.
Chewbacca: Lord Clabburn of Hoth is in line for a Dukedom.

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Published: Tuesday, 01 November, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT.
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