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Episode 1400: Fight and Flight Instinct


Epic tales of warfare raging across the land demand that armies be led. And who better to lead them than heroic PCs?

Well, pretty much anyone. Give a PC control of an army and you just know they're going to use it for something questionable at some point.


Wicket: Oooo-kay. But this isn't the front of the base. They're smarter than that.
Wicket: We need to go down this secret path through the forest to the actual front door.
Han: Ooh, sneaky. I'm glad we've seen through that transparent deception. Lead on!
Han: And here's the second part of my plan.
Han: Admiral Ackbar, come in. Are you there?
Admiral Ackbar: I'm waiting with... er... bated breath.
Han: Lead the whole Rebel fleet into hyperspace in a full frontal assault on the Peace Moon!
Admiral Ackbar: Uh, in accordance with the principles of the chain of command... Okay.
Han: We'll join you in maybe half an hour. We're just about to storm an Imperial base and get a ship.
C-3PO: Well this can't possibly go wrong.

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Published: Thursday, 01 September, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT.
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