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Episode 1390: Garrison Flawed


There are always options for transport, especially if there are enemies around. Infiltrating the enemy camp of Carthaginian army to steal their elephants would be an awesome mission.

Need we say more?


Han: Hey, I finally got away from the Ewoc. And I get to keep my leg for another three weeks!
Leia: Three weeks?
Han: He was only gonna give me two, but I out-negotiated him.
Leia: We need to figure out our strategy to attack the Peace Moon.
Han: Well we're stuck here on this moon until we repair the shuttle. The good news is it's well fortified.
Leia: The Ewocs told me about an Imperial bunker. There'll probably be a ship there.
Han: Hmm. We'll need troops to storm it.
Leia: We have the Ewocs, their mysterious trainers, and a Rebel battalion.
Han: They're primitive! They're mysterious! They're busy!
Leia: If the shuttle's well fortified, you only need a small garrison to defend it.
Han: Hmmm. Good point. But we have to get a radio to them somehow.
Leia: What for?
Han: To tell them to break radio silence.

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Published: Tuesday, 09 August, 2016; 03:11:02 PDT.
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