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Episode 1388: Silly Short Leg


If you purchase property or valuables of any sort in a game, make sure you get a receipt and a certificate of ownership.

What, you didn't get those for that Holy Avenger sword you say you "bought" from a guy in a dark alley three weeks ago - the self same sword that has been an heirloom handed down in the family of the Lord Dumphrie for centuries? I hope you like explaining that to the King's Justice.


Han: 3PO: Tell this furry follower of yours to let me have my leg.
Wicket: Teebo sold me the leg before you were released. This leg wasn't his to release.
C-3PO: He does have a legitimate claim to it.
Han: No he doesn't! It's my leg!
C-3PO: No one complained when I lost a leg. Or a head.
Wicket: I'm willing to be reasonable about this.
Han: Ah, good. What price?
Wicket: I could lease it to you in the short term. It'll help keep it fresh.

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Published: Thursday, 04 August, 2016; 03:11:02 PDT.
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