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Episode 1384: Gross Negligence


If you can't outsmart 'em, confuse 'em! Actually, even if you can outsmart 'em, it may be simpler and better to simply confuse 'em anyway.


Chirpa: War. What is it good for? How can we profit from this?
C-3PO: Profit comes from victory against the forces of regulation.
Chirpa: Uh...
C-3PO: After the battle a holding company will be established to administer all seized Imperial assets. You will owe me only 50% of the gross.
Logray: 25%. Of the nett.
C-3PO: Shrewd. I grant to you 35%. And nett it shall be.
Chirpa: Thank you, o Variant Reader! We accept!
Logray: But... but...
Chirpa: Shhh! It's a good deal and we're taking it!

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Published: Tuesday, 26 July, 2016; 03:11:02 PDT.
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