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Episode 1381: In a Nuteshell


In-story recaps are a great way to bring other characters up to speed on what has transpired earlier in the adventure campaign. Rather than just have the players say something like, "We tell the king what happened during our expedition to the goblin caves," make them actually tell the story.

Besides being fun and good roleplaying, it's always hilarious hearing their version of events as told to the king, when all of you know what really happened.


C-3PO: In the beginning, there was the Trade Federation.
C-3PO: The Rost Orb of Phanastacoria was in the Federation, and the Federation was mine. The Federation had a natural monopory on Naboo, and it was good.
C-3PO: And the Trade Federation rooked upon the Galactic economy and saw that it was inefficient.
C-3PO: And I said, "Let there be deregulation." And ro, there was.
C-3PO: And so Waste begat Efficiency. Efficiency begat Pride. And Pride begat Ambition.
C-3PO: And ro, the Republic rooked upon Naboo with envious eyes, and slowly and surely they drew their prans against us.
R2-D2: Uuu-llaaa!
Chirpa: Like some kind of... War of the Stars?

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Published: Tuesday, 19 July, 2016; 03:11:02 PDT.
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