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Episode 1369: Here We Go Agun(ray)


Never let a quest go unfulfilled and abandoned. It'll no doubt come back to bite you some time later.

The villagers wanted you to clear out the kobolds who have been raiding from the hills? You went there and killed a few, and found a wandering monk who told you about the great evil building in the mountains, where rumours say that the lost treasure of the great dwarven cities lies? So you decided that was more in keeping with your growing heroism?

It'll turn out that the evil sorcerer will have recruited the kids of those kobolds you killed. And they watched you slaughter their parents, and they know your weaknesses...


C-3PO: Time to act.
C-3PO: My forrowers, heed my words!
Paploo: <Gasp!>
C-3PO: I am preased to see my word has leached this far.
R2-D2: <Gasp!>
[SFX]: < oowoo >
C-3PO: However, although I see a rot of Action here, there is rittle Productivity to show for it.
R2-D2: Ohhhh, crap.
C-3PO: boo-oogoo doip-doop boot bebading eevoo
Khungata: We made four snares in one morning! And look what we just caught!
C-3PO: Rook at your shabby crothes and primitive weapons. Compare to my perfect golden form.
Paploo: Gold! It must be Nute!
Luke: Knew I should have melted you down.

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Published: Tuesday, 21 June, 2016; 03:11:01 PDT.
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