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Episode 1360: A Burr in the Hand


Tracking quarry is a vital skill for any gaming situation. It not only applies to wilderness, but also tracking suspects through cities or other urban terrain. Some places, with lots of objects that can show signs of passing traffic, are easy to track in. Others, such as following the "tracks" of someone walking down a street, are more difficult.

But if a player ever argues that you can track someone through outer space, then they're either deluded... or playing a Star Trek game.


Han: I search for more treasure.
GM: You find a couple of exploded hoverbikes.
Luke: I search for tracks.
GM: You notice scorched <roll>... foliage and signs of a scuffle in the undergrowth.
Luke: Any footprints? If my Survival: Forest is good for anything, it should be good for this. 13.
GM: The bracken is pushed down, leaving a trail heading into the trees.
Han: We follow the tracks!
R2-D2: Great. Well, I don't think I could get any more organic cruft gummed up in my wheels.
[SFX]: < bippity bop zip-jing doop kibuzz be-pading-boodle whiree kazang >
Chewbacca: You don't want to know all the places where I have burrs in my fur.

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Published: Tuesday, 31 May, 2016; 03:11:09 PDT.
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