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Episode 1342: Them's the Brakes


Hey, if there's a lever or button somewhere, don't question it, just use it!

No characters ever got into trouble that way...


[SFX]: Pow! {Luke's bike is hit}
Trooper 3: Oops! Sorry, that was supposed to be a warning shot.
Luke: I hit the brakes to get behind these two.
R2-D2: How do you suddenly brake a hover bike anyway?
C-3PO: Air brakes?
Han: That would work... if you have a magnetic containment field that catches the air like a big parachute.
GM: Good enough.
[SFX]: vvvazzzzoooooommmmm! {Luke brakes and goes behind the 2 new troopers}
GM: I would also have accepted "the bike has a brake pedal, which is not merely cosmetic".

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Published: Tuesday, 19 April, 2016; 03:11:06 PDT.
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