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Episode 1339: Don't Treet Me This Way


Parties who split up mostly tend to do it either at their own instigation when faced with multiple things that need doing at once, or when separated by a trap or some sort of barrier that appears unexpectedly. But it can also happen in the confusion of battle. You see it all the time in TV and movies.

Rather than have everyone fighting in a single dungeon room or wherever - where it's all neat and the PCs can regroup easily after defeating the enemy - try having a running fight that covers a lot of terrain, with individual PCs needing to make lightning decisions on which enemies to pursue. Have the players make their decisions without knowing what the other players are doing (write them down, or use a secret ballot or something). Only when the fight is over and the PCs stop to gather their breath do they notice that not all of their comrades are still in the vicinity.


R2-D2: Don't split the party!
[SFX]: Vrrooom!!
[SFX]: zoooom!! {Leia and Luke fly off on a bike}
Chewbacca: There's another bike, shall we follow?
R2-D2: Is there an R2-unit port on it?
GM: The Empire doesn't care much about droid accessibility.
C-3PO: Typical.
Trooper: Hey, you slammed me into a tree. That was mean.
Han: Sorry, I agree that was unnecessary. I'll never do it again.
[SFX]: flip {Han judo throws trooper to the ground}
[SFX]: Slam!!

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Published: Tuesday, 12 April, 2016; 03:11:05 PDT.
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