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Episode 1328: The Guy Who Got in With the Code


Code cracking is often handled unrealistically in movies and TV shows. Make your games more realistic by having codes be completely unguessable and uncrackable - without social engineering to obtain the codes from someone who knows them, by stealth or deception.

Well, unless you're running a game in a school and people are using the pigpen cipher.


Luke: You just made up a code! That's not how codes work!
Han: It'll work. It'll work.
{cut to Jhoff}
Jhoff: Check it out, Admiral. These buffoons are in the stolen shuttle.
Admiral Piett: Interesting fact: The odds against guessing the correct code are 78,364,164,095 to 1.
Jhoff: Never tell me the odds again. They got it wrong, anyway.
Darth Vader: Where is that shuttle going?
Admiral Piett: They want to go to the Peace Moon. I was going to blow them to kingdom come.
Darth Vader: Make it so.
{cut to Luke on the shuttle}
Darth Vader: No. Wait... Give them a trajectory and landing clearance. I shall deal with them.
{cut to shuttle}
Jhoff: {over radio} Shuttle Tydirium, transmitting flight path.
{cut to Jhoff}
Han: {over radio} Yeah! They fell for it. Suckers!

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Published: Thursday, 17 March, 2016; 03:11:04 PDT.
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