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Episode 1321: Owner-Ship


If you have allied NPCs floating around, be sure to give them significant jobs so they don't feel left out.

And also so they can do the risky stuff and let you coast to an easy victory with minimal danger.


{a hangar deck on the Rebel fleet, the Millennium Falcon and Wedge's stolen Imperial shuttle are present}
Han: Hey, Lando, is the fleet ready?
Lando: Is it ever! Our pilots are champing at the bit to strike for the Rebellion.
Han: Great! Once we've won the day and taken control of the Peace Moon, we'll need you to chase down any fleeing Imperials.
Lando: A mop up detail? I was hoping for something more...
Han: Suicidal?
Lando: On second thought, mop up detail will do fine.
Han: Lando, look, I want you to take my ship.
Lando: You mean you want me to take my ship?
Han: I trust you to look after her, as if she were your own.
Lando: She is my own.
Han: That's the spirit! Keep her in good condition for me, okay?

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Published: Tuesday, 01 March, 2016; 02:11:04 PST.
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