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Episode 1297: A Stab in the Dark


Intuition can sometimes serve a PC well.

If it ever happens in your game, take a note of it and write it up on a blog, because all the other GMs out there will be very interested to hear that it can happen.


R2-D2: We need to find the Lost Orb.
Luke: But we have no idea where it is. My best guess is Vader has it.
R2-D2: We have no idea where she is either.
Luke: Ah, but I know how to find out.
R2-D2: And how's that?
Luke: The Tree. On Dagobah.
Han: {over radio} Dagobah! That's where the Dagger Bar is! Take me with you! I've heard a rumour that it's full of treasure!
Luke: Uhhh... Jim, you heard that from me.
Han: It must be true then!
Luke: And you totally misinterpreted what I was saying at the time.
Han: Not even a little bit of treasure?
Luke: And I've explained this already. Back on Cloud City.
Han: Ah, but I was frozen in alcohol. In character I didn't hear you.
Han: So, how about it, then?

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Published: Tuesday, 05 January, 2016; 02:11:17 PST.
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