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Episode 1295: Monkey Business


Evil is relative. In some games it takes a necromancer raising armies of the dead to maraud across the lands of the good farming folks to qualify as evil.

In a slightly lighter campaign, the person who jumps the queue at the supermarket might be public enemy number one, and deserving of the attention of a group of trouble-seeking, vigilante PC heroes.


[SFX]: door
C-3PO: You won't believe this!
GM: Hi, Sally.
C-3PO: The university is experimenting on monkeys! I'm going to free them.
R2-D2: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Remember what happened when you released the frogs at school?
C-3PO: I got suspended.
R2-D2: You're an adult now. Break and enter at university and you could end up in prison.
C-3PO: I'm prepared for that.
R2-D2: No. You're not. You don't want to be in prison. Trust me.
Leia: Oh, you've been to prison?
R2-D2: Yes.
Leia: You have?!
[SFX]: door
Luke: Hi, guys.
Leia: Pete, I didn't realise you were such a bad boy.
Luke: Really? I've known that ever since he ate the last piece of cake at my fifth birthday party.

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Published: Thursday, 31 December, 2015; 02:11:19 PST.
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