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Episode 1291: Oh, The Humanity!


Vehicles in film and television tend to blow up whenever they hit a pothole. Of course this is not realistic.

Which is why it should happen in your games.


Luke: Princess, aim the gun! I'll use Survival: Desert to find a vulnerable spot.
GM: Actually—
R2-D2: Shoot through the mid-deck, right there, and this barge is going nowhere.
Leia: Right, I aim there.
{they swing across to the skiff}
[SFX]: Pow!!
Luke: What? A single shot shouldn't have destroyed the barge.
Han: Awesome!
R2-D2: I released all the fuel into the throne room.
Luke: Why?! We didn't need to blow it up!
R2-D2: If you didn't want it blown up, why did you take advice from me?

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Published: Tuesday, 22 December, 2015; 02:20:50 PST.
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