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Episode 1283: The Order of the Stick


We could provide some sort of sage advice like: "Don't badmouth someone, in their presence, when your life is in their hands."

But really, are any players as recklessly crazy as—

Actually, don't answer that.


Han: Grab this stick!
Lando: Mighty gentlemanly of you to save me, knowing that I'll be putting you on trial for betraying the Rebellion.
Han: You could drop the charges. If you survive this.
Lando: On what grounds?
Han: On the grounds that I'm not actually all that bad.
Han: It was all Chewie's fault. He was the brains behind the operation!
Lando: That may be undeniable, but...
Han: No, he's the treacherous traitor!
Chewbacca: You could drop that accusation. If you survive this.
Han: On what grounds?
Chewbacca: On the grounds that this treacherous traitor thinks something needs to be dropped.

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Published: Thursday, 03 December, 2015; 02:11:14 PST.
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