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Episode 1279: But... It Was So Artistically Done


Significant NPCs should be granted memorable last words before they eventually expire at the hands of the heroes.

Except when it would be cooler for them not to.


Jabba: Ah! Strangulation! I'll take it on the chin. Not that I have a chin.
Leia: Shut up, you piece of worm-ridden filth!
Jabba: "Ridden?" It's a symbiont circle, my dear.
Leia: You're going to die. I'm going to kill you.
Jabba: Everybody dies! But not everybody lives as I live this moment!
Leia: Good last words.
Jabba: But I have so much more to say.
Jabba: Muse, attend me! Inspire me! An aphorism for the Ages!
Jabba: It's on the tip <choke>... of my tongue...
Jabba: Not that I... <hack>...
Jabba: Oh wait... <gasp>...
{Jabba dies}

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Published: Tuesday, 24 November, 2015; 02:11:17 PST.
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