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Episode 1277: Rebel, Revel


The focus in this scene is on the eccentric Jabba's fate at the hands of the protagonist Leia. It's cool if you can give the weaker and less combat-oriented characters in your game a chance to shine in a straight out slug-fest, such as in this iconic section of the film.


Jabba: O, sublime trajectory! Such hyperbole, yet so parabolic... Superlative! Encore!
Bib Fortuna: {whispering} What's the plan, Princess?
Leia: {whispering} Wedge! I'll create a diversion. Get out of here. The Rebellion needs your intel!
Bib Fortuna: {whispering} But you need my help.
Leia: Not for long. I destroy the droid restraining bolt circuits.
[SFX]: Smash!!
[SFX]: zzzt... zztt...
R2-D2: At last! I hack the computer and douse the lights.
GM: The barge interior plunges into darkness.
Jabba: Sweet chaos! Envelop me!
Leia: Good work, R2.
[SFX]: grab {Leia grabs her chain}
[SFX]: whoosh {tosses it over Jabba's head}
[SFX]: yank! {and starts choking him}
[SFX]: Choke!!
Jabba: Now I have experienced everything. I regret nothing!

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Published: Thursday, 19 November, 2015; 02:11:15 PST.
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