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Episode 1269: Jedi Trope Trick


Blofeld: Kronsteen, you're sure this plan is foolproof?
Kronsteen: Yes, it is. Because I have anticipated every possible variation of countermove.

From Russia With Love
Kronsteen was clearly a GM, and James Bond one of his players.


Boba Fett: Now you're on the ropes! Kenobi, wherever you are, I'm coming for you!!
GM: The sailbarge gun fires again. The target is <roll> Luke!
[SFX]: Pow!
Lando: {aside, hanging off the skiff by a rope} Help!
Chewbacca: Luke, I suggest you stop placing yourself between the gun and the rail.
Luke: Parry! 17!
[SFX]: Whooom!
GM: Okay. The deflected bolt hits <roll>... the rail behind Boba.
[SFX]: Kaboom!
Luke: I think I'm getting the hang of this laser sword.
Luke: Slice the rope.
GM: While you're tied up? -4 penalty. And if you fail by—
Luke: 14!
[SFX]: sliiice!
C-3PO: So, do you really think Lando could have done all that with the sword?
R2-D2: No. But I knew Luke could do all that to protect him.
Leia: That was your entire plan all along?
R2-D2: It was sub-branch gamma-IV all along.

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Published: Sunday, 01 November, 2015; 02:11:14 PST.
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