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Episode 1249: Jump Like Nobody's Watching


Creating a distraction or diversion is something we very rarely get to do in real life (unless you actually are a secret agent or criminal of some sort). So when the opportunity arises in a game, make it good! Act like William Shatner for all it's worth!


Han: Okay, minor modification. I'll feign a psychotic episode. Luke, when the guards are distracted, Force Jump!
Chewbacca: Actually, there are worse plans. Anything to initiate some action.
Leia: Without a test subject they'll have to delay Han's execution!
Luke: You make valid points, but I will stay.
R2-D2: Good man.
[SFX]: < bippity ding >
Luke: There will be better opportunities.
GM: You're approaching the Sarlacc pit.
Lando: Look at the size of that thing!
Han: You have to do it now! Once we're over it you can't possibly jump far enough.
Luke: I wait.
C-3PO: Stop being so selfish and save yourself!

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Published: Tuesday, 15 September, 2015; 03:11:12 PDT.
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