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Episode 1243: Mood o' Doom


You know, if villains actually did test their death traps before putting the heroes into them, they might end up with fewer heroes escaping from them. Remember this if you ever become a cinematic villain.


Luke: What's a Sarlacc?
Han: It's a type of buttered snail.
Jabba: Yes, but with more teeth. And tentacles. And the size of a small palace.
C-3PO: We're doomed.
Han: Don't worry, 3PO, you'll survive.
C-3PO: In a life of slavery!
Jabba: We shall test this Sarlacc puppetry before we throw Captain Solo into its maw.
Leia: This sounds eerily familiar...
Jabba: Jedi, you shall serve as the test subject. The little droid shall serve drinks. And the Wookiee-gram shall provide jocularities for all!
Chewbacca: I shall, shall I?
Jabba: Oh, so droll and palindromic! I like you already!

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Published: Tuesday, 01 September, 2015; 03:11:11 PDT.
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