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Episode 1227: Past the Pigs


It's good to have some other games handy to take a break from roleplaying. A quick and easy game with simple rules that you can play after drinking a few beers or when people start getting wacky around midnight is a good idea.

If it involves the potential for numerous ridiculous puns, all the better.


GM: You meet some pig-men guards in Jabba's palace.
Luke: Time to try out Force Suggest. "I must speak with Jabba." <roll>
Ortugg: You must speak with Jabba, we've got no pork with that. But you shall not pass the... Gamorreans.
Rogua: Oink oink.
Luke: Out of my way, before I turn you into a double leaning jowler.
Ortugg: Look, friend, we're just grunts in costume. No need to be insensitive here.
Rogua: You try getting a job in this current economic climate, what with taxation of trade routes and all. Oink.
Luke: Stop being so pig-headed. "You will step aside." <roll>
{they step aside}
Rogua: All right, all right. Oink oink. Oink.
Ortugg: Geez, what a bore.

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Published: Sunday, 26 July, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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