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Episode 1224: The Rule of Drool


Slime and mucus both serve important and distinct roles in a game setting, as do sludge, ooze, gunk, goo, and phlegm. Use these nouns liberally in your dungeon descriptions. Also use them when describing less savoury parts of town, in both fantasy and modern settings, and certainly in science fiction settings, particularly when aliens with enormous mouthparts and fangs are present.


Boba Fett: His brain might be damaged! I need those scans!
Jabba: Take him away!
Bib Fortuna: You really still gonna slice him up and auction him off?
Jabba: Buyers are bidding already. I'm not about to lose face. I'd have no body features left.
Ortugg: It's the carving knife for you.
Han: Fascists!
Rogua: Oink oink! {takes Han away}
Jabba: Bring the female to me!
{Ortugg drags Leia to Jabba}
Leia: What a disgusting slimeball.
Jabba: It's actually mucus.
Leia: Euuurgh.
[SFX]: sluuurrp! {Jabba leers his tongue at Leia}
Jabba: Well... shall I make you my new dancing slave, or keep the Wookiee-gram?
Ortugg: ¿Pork ay no las dos?
Salacious Crumb: Pork, ay? Ah ha ha ha ha!

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Published: Sunday, 19 July, 2015; 03:11:15 PDT.
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