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Episode 1222: Set Faces to Kiss


It's common practice in games for a party to sleep at night with a sentry posted to rouse everyone in case of a sudden attack, so everyone can fight instead of being slaughtered in their sleep.

Considering the way most people wake up, the sentry needs to have time to make a pot of coffee and give everyone else a good half hour or more to wake up properly before the opponents attack.


Leia: Han!
Han: Who'sa Han?
Leia: I love you, but you're making this real hard.
Han: You love-a me?
{Leia removes helmet, kisses Han}
Leia: Remember now?
Han: Thissa day keepsha getting better!
Leia: <sigh> What's the last thing you remember?
Han: Well, you justa kissed me. Bella!
Leia: Before that.
Han: Me and Chewie... we wassa running from Varn cultishts onna Kamar. Next thing I knew—
Jabba: Ho ho ho ho!
Han: Mamma mia, what a sight!!
Han: Thissa day just shtopped getting better.

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Published: Tuesday, 14 July, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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