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Episode 1213: The Divisible Han Project


Caveat emptor. This should apply to any purchases PCs may wish to make during the course of a game. There are many unscrupulous sellers around, of course, particularly in your average adventuring world. If your sword happens to be badly made, or that wand of fireballs is only good for two shots before blowing up in your own face, there are interesting ways to find out well after the seller has vanished with your gold coins...


Leia: {disguised as Boushh} Kee atay. Kee atay. Kee ato.
C-3PO: "I am here to bid for Captain Solo."
Jabba: Anyone accompanied by a Wookiee-gram is welcome here. The bidding is currently at 25,000.
Leia: Kee oto. Kee oto.
C-3PO: "50,000."
[SFX]: Whack! {Jabba whacks 3PO}
Jabba: That's outrageous! How are you going to pay that much?
Leia: Ay yoto.
C-3PO: "With this! A holovid of the final charity performance of the traditional Gungan creation legend, to raise money for the Naboo refugee crisis, prior to the destruction of the Gungan race."
Jabba: Gasp!! That is incredibly valuable. All known recordings were eaten by dogs. Careful not to drop it!
Jabba: Do you intend to bid on multiple slices, then?
Chewbacca: Slices?

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Published: Tuesday, 23 June, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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