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Episode 1210: Charade is Hard


This is the sort of mistake you really don't want to make when maintaining an elaborate long-running ploy to save your life. Like running a roleplaying game with hard-to-please players. Take notes.


Oola: And now... night 1001 of my interpretive dance epic.
Jabba: This dancer is perfection incarnate. Your radula will pulsate in delight. Not that you have a radula.
Boba Fett: Oh dear lord.
Oola: As you may recall from last night, this scene concludes the chronicle of the space-cobbler Marruc and his wife.
Jabba: My spine is tingling with anticipation. Either that or it's my nematodes.
{Oola dances}
Jabba: Wait, this is outrageous! This entire sequence is identical to the bridge movement of your dance of the Womp-rat and the Shaak, from night 145!
Oola: Just my luck, a tyrant and a giant dance nerd.
Jabba: I tire of this farce!
[SFX]: drop! {drops Oola in pit}

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Published: Tuesday, 16 June, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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