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Episode 1184: Reconnecting


Second-hand shops are great places for adventurers to pick up gear. It's tried and true, and significantly cheaper.

Need we say that it could also be shoddy, or cursed? No, we didn't think so.


GM: You rendezvous with the Rebel fleet.
Rebel ship: Where have you been? We've been waiting at this rendezvous point for months! We're almost out of hummus.
Leia: Sorry, guys, we got a bit caught up.
Luke: I need a new hand. Is there, like, anywhere I can get one?
C-3PO: Such as, like, a second-hand shop?
R2-D2: Then it'd be a hand-me-down.
Han: Maybe someone tried to palm it off.
Chewbacca: Maybe we can... get a... five-finger discount.
Leia: No, we wouldn't want to get off on the wrong... hand?
R2-D2: Okay, now we've really run out of hand jokes.
Luke: Yeah, I'm stumped.

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Published: Thursday, 16 April, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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