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<     Episode 1181: < boop-deep-dooby zibuzz biddle-boop-boobleep >     >

Episode 1181: < boop-deep-dooby zibuzz biddle-boop-boobleep >


If you want to be clever, you need to be careful not to be so clever that nobody ever manages to figure out how clever you are. To achieve this, you may need to drop more and more hints as time goes by, if nobody is picking up on things.

This is a crucial lesson for GMs running convoluted villain plans. It's no point having the villain be so clever that the heroes never figure out just how brilliant your adventure plot is! (Also, it helps if the heroes have a chance of defeating the plan, rather than just sitting back and watching the villain be brilliant...)


R2-D2: I never knew that anyone cared.
C-3PO: I care! I was the translator droid! Why didn't you tell me earlier it was a proper language?
R2-D2: I did! I told everyone, oh, eight years ago! "Boop means no and whirr means yes".
Luke: But wait... If the beeps were Gunray's, and 3PO was translating them, then shouldn't Pete have just said what Gunray meant with none of this L/R swapping?
Han: Actually, you could have inverted the beeps so "bleep" becomes "breep". And find inverted beep sequences with parallel meanings.
R2-D2: What does "breep" even sound like?
Han: Like "bleep" with an "r".
R2-D2: Even if that were possible, nobody would ever have figured that out. No offence, Ben.
Chewbacca: None taken.
Luke: But it doesn't make any sense either way!
C-3PO: But it was so cool!
R2-D2: Yeah, what Sally said!

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Published: Thursday, 09 April, 2015; 03:11:13 PDT.
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