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Episode 1168: Shaggy Dog Story


A supernatural investigation campaign could be a cool thing to run, with a group of young itinerants in a van seeking out spooky mysteries to poke their noses into. But rather than make everything have a mundane explanation, or even have everything be genuinely supernatural, mix it up a bit for variety. Keep 'em guessing, basically - a fundamental ingredient for any campaign.


{Vader emerges from his shuttle}
Darth Vader: I sense a great disturbance in the Force.
{Vader goes to the bridge of the Executor}
Darth Vader: Admiral Piett, have the fighters escort the Millennium Falcon to the Executor. My daughter and son are on board.
Admiral Piett: My Lord, the pilots are reporting some difficulties. They're talking about that damned Moon Ghost again.
Darth Vader: That's no Moon Ghost. It's Old Man Gunray.
Admiral Piett: They're getting away! Those damn meddling kids!

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Published: Tuesday, 10 March, 2015; 03:11:07 PDT.
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