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Episode 1154: Clued In


Never give a magic item to an NPC unless you are okay with it falling into the hands of the PCs. Because it will.


R2-D2: Holy mother of... well, Luke. This. Is. Awesome!
Ghost Obi-Wan: But... Padmé was dead! I was at her funeral!
Yoda: I knew it! I figured it out! The Japor snippet Anakin gave her has special powers, right?
GM: Yes, I put it in Anakin's inventory since I knew he'd need something to keep him alive as an NPC once you guys started interacting with him.
{flashback to Anakin giving the japor snippet to Padmé}
Anakin: I want you to have this, so you remember me. It will bring you good luck.
GM: But when Annie started playing Anakin, she gave it to Padmé.
Padmé: I suppose I need all the luck I can get with those Jedi around.
Darth Vader: How do you think Jim survived so long?
{flashback to Padmé in an explosion on Coruscant}
[SFX]: Kabooom!!!
Darth Vader: The assassination attempt on the Coruscant landing platform?
{flashback to Padmé fighting the nexu in the arena on Geonosis}
Padmé: I twist around to evade! 5!
Darth Vader: The fight against the nexu? Dehydration and exposure on Geonosis?
{flashback to Padmé lying dying in the desert on Geonosis}
GM: And it saved Vader from system shock after being decapitated while in a psychic link with Luke.
{flashback to Luke decapitating Vader's psychic projection in the tree on Dagobah}
[SFX]: Whooom!!
[SFX]: Sliiice!!
[SFX]: thud
Han: {frozen} Oooh! I knew I should have killed you! In the dining room! With the blaster!

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Published: Thursday, 05 February, 2015; 02:11:07 PST.
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