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Episode 1146: You and Whose Arm-y?


A good pithy motto or slogan can be a great way to add some atmosphere to various aspects of a game. In democratic societies, of course there will be election slogans, but you can also use mottos to represent monarchs, chivalrous orders, fantasy religions and deities, or even social clubs and adventuring groups. An adventuring party can put their memorable motto onto the flyers they post around town when looking for work.

When there's something strange in your neighbourhood... Who you gonna call?


Chewbacca: This way, quickly!
PA System: All the way with Nute Gunray.
[SFX]: Pow! {Chewie fires at a chasing trooper}
Chewbacca: We have to get to the Falcon!
R2-D2: {yellow GM speech bubble} Tricksy meatbagses. We shall destloy you!
PA System: Change.
R2-D2: Hey, wait for me!
[SFX]: < ziting doop >
Leia: The Falcon?! I thought you said any ship but the Falcon!
R2-D2: {yellow GM speech bubble} Locket thlusters!
R2-D2: {yellow GM speech bubble} Wait, what? Control circuit but no thlusters?
R2-D2: Guys!
[SFX]: < bedoip >
PA System: We are turning the corner.
Chewbacca: No time to explain! Run!!
R2-D2: {yellow GM speech bubble} I'll shoot you!
R2-D2: {yellow GM speech bubble} What, no braster either?
R2-D2: Some help here?!
[SFX]: < beep fidooby >
PA System: I like Nute.
R2-D2: {yellow GM speech bubble} Never mind. I shall crub you to death with my bare hands!

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Published: Sunday, 18 January, 2015; 02:11:04 PST.
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