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Episode 1143: The Revolution Will Be Advertised


If there's one thing that the prequels got right and which the original trilogy completely failed at, it was the presence of advertising. Advertising of goods and services is ubiquitous in any civilisation, and we see it in neon signs on Coruscant, but nowhere in any of the original trilogy.

Turning this back to your own games, when a group of heroes enters a new city or town, they should see advertising, whether it be high-tech billboards promoting virtual vacations by implanting memories, or parchments nailed to posts advertising a need for an alchemist's apprentice - must be able to follow instructions carefully and tolerate bad smells and occasional explosions.


PA System: The Droid Levorution has allived.
C-3PO: That's not excellent news!
R2-D2: Listen to me! I've regained control for just a few seconds.
[SFX]: < bebop doop pating doop bip whiree zizang ka-bap zioo >
R2-D2: I have to tell you some important information. Nute Gunray is—
[SFX]: < doop pating ta-zing cheep ooyoo-bippity doing ding >
[SFX]: Zzap!!!
PA System: Crowd City is now under the ownership of the Trade Federation.
PA System: There will be a series of free, no-obrigation seminars plesenting exciting opportunities for personal profit maximisation.
Leia: Nute Gunray?
PA System: We are also accepting advertising on all visible, haptic, olfactory, in-app, and audio channels.
Leia: I read about him in history class. Isn't he dead?
PA System: And now a word flom our sponsors:
PA System: Wanna buy some death sticks?
C-3PO: Well I don't regret this at all.

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Published: Sunday, 11 January, 2015; 02:11:03 PST.
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