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Episode 1132: Chip Off the Old Block, or: A Dish Best Served Cold


The villain monologue over the vanquished bodies of their foes is a great piece of theatre. Of course most of the time there's nobody there to hear it except he villain. So try to work something out.


Darth Vader: Your Senator friend, she has been most compliant. Maybe I'll let her go.
Darth Vader: No?
Darth Vader: Turn her to the Dark Side by slicing sections off your frozen body each night as we dine? Very well.
Darth Vader: You're a vicious bastard Starkiller.
Darth Vader: I'm glad you're dead.
Luke: Nooo! {leaps out of pit}
[SFX]: Leeeaaap!!
Darth Vader: Ah, excellent. I get the existential joy of killing you all over again.

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Published: Tuesday, 16 December, 2014; 02:11:01 PST.
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