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Episode 1071: Not the Man, Woman, Wookiee, and Protocol Droid You're Looking For


Meeting old friends is always interesting. For various values of "interesting". In a game context, some values are more to be preferred than others.

Any new NPC that is introduced to a game can potentially have already met one or more of the heroes. The circumstances of these previous meetings can vary widely, so exploring the possibilities can create all sorts of opportunities for circumspection, amusement, or conflict.


Lando: Let me just check the top ten bounties in the Empire. Aide?
Robot: Robot, sir. Number one: Luke Starkiller.
Lando: Never heard of him.
Robot: Two, former Senator Princess Organa.
Lando: I think we can count out anybody in your company there.
Robot: Captain Han Solo.
Lando: Who are these people?
Robot: Mon Mothma... then a bunch more Rebels.
Lando: Well, congratulations. {hugs Han}
Lando: I guess you've kept your nose clean somehow.
Lando: Who's your companion?
Leia: My name's Leia. And what's this all about?
Lando: I was "Freddo's" parole officer.
Leia: Okay, that explains a lot. I mean, a lot.

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Published: Sunday, 27 July, 2014; 03:11:02 PDT.
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